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Zada Rehab

A Physical Rehabilitation Center

We dive deep to discover the underlying cause behind your pain and provide you with the tools needed to find real and long-lasting relief. We provide our clients with various therapeutic options to choose from.

Physical Rehabilitation Center

Your Chronic Pain Relief Specialist

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Back & Neck

Are severe back and neck pains restricting your mobility? Don’t worry. We will help you relieve your pain from the comfort of your own home. So, get in touch.
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Shoulder & Elbow

Are you finding it difficult to bend or stretch your arm? Our specialists will empower comprehensive care for your persistent and long-term pain caused by shoulder & elbow conditions.
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Leg & Ankle

Strengthen your muscles and prevent any further injuries with Zada Rehab! Our therapists will diagnose the problem and help you eliminate injuries from their root cause.
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Are you tired of dealing with chronic migraines and persistent headaches? Let us show you the path to medication-free pain relief.

Your Trusted Medicare Physical Therapy and Sports and Physical Rehabilitation Center in Lakewood, NJ

Do you need professional physical rehabilitation services in Lakewood, NJ? Zada Rehab is the leading provider of comprehensive healthcare solutions for individuals seeking Medicare physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, chronic pain relief, and more. Our team of highly skilled physical therapists is dedicated to helping you regain strength, mobility, and independence, enabling you to live a pain-free and active life.

We Develop Personalized Treatment Plans

We understand the importance of personalized care tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Whether recovering from a sports injury, seeking relief from chronic pain, or requiring specialized treatment for a specific condition, our expert physical therapists are here to guide you every step of the way. With years of experience and advanced training in various therapeutic techniques, our team utilizes evidence-based practices to deliver effective, customized rehabilitation programs.

We specialize in many services, including sports rehabilitation, physical therapy for Medicare patients, chronic pain relief, and headache treatment. Our chronic pain relief specialists aim to address the root cause of your pain or injury, promoting healing and long-term recovery. By combining manual therapy techniques, targeted exercises, and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide comprehensive care to optimize your physical well-being.

You Can Expect the Best Results in a Comfortable Environment

At Zada Rehab, we prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction. Our modern, welcoming facility in Lakewood, NJ, is designed to create a supportive, nurturing environment, allowing you to focus on your rehabilitation journey. Our friendly staff is committed to ensuring your experience is positive, and we strive to foster a collaborative partnership with our patients, empowering you to take an active role in your recovery.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a healthier, pain-free life, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our dedicated team of physical therapists at Zada Rehab is ready to provide you with exceptional care and guide you toward optimal wellness. Don’t let pain or injury hold you back—reach out to us now to start your journey to recovery. We are your pain-relief specialists dedicated to improving your quality of life.


We’re with You Every Step of the Way

Zada Rehab has a team of qualified therapists who can help with all kinds of pain. We will provide you with the tools you need to lead a pain-free, med-free, and therapy-free life.

One-On-One Training

One-On-One Training

Breaking from the standard group model of physical therapy, all sessions are one to one with your PT every session. This allows us to address all factors leading to chronic pain. We leave no stone unturned

Strategizing & Solving

Strategizing & Solving

Our patient to patient approach allows us to design our strategies specifically to your needs. Real world strategy programs differ from person to person. You will learn specific strategies relating to your workspace as well as “home space,” nutrition, sleep, and evidenced based mindfulness techniques to achieve real pain relief.
Physical Therapy

Taking Your Program Home

Many patients ask: “How do I stick to what I learn at Zada Rehab?” we specifically address the difficulties patients face when trying to follow programs. We implement within scope Evidenced based CBT training, Mindfulness, Kaizen methodology, daily cuing programs and more. We stress self-reliance strongly because as we like to say…”we love seeing you, but not in the clinic.” We know we succeeded when you don’t have to come back.

Chronic Pain Relief

The Zada 360 Degree Approach

We follow a comprehensive method to your recovery. You’ll feel the results from the very first session. Our methods have been clinically proven to:
Reduce pain and inflammation
Increase joint flexibility and overall strength
Relieve chronic pain
Accelerate recovery
Heal old and deeply rooted damage
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